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Our 123HP Printer Setup Support team at 123.hp.com offers you a hassle free setup procedure for any and every 123HP DESKJET Printer there is. Most 123 HP DESKJET Printers can print, copy, and scan. The setup assistance we offer covers all the details right from the unsealing of the box and the unpacking of the printer. Once you have discarded the protective packing materials all over your printer, locate the packing materials within your printer. Clear out these packing materials and then connect power cord to your printer. Press the power button on the printer to turn it on. After your HP Printer initialises, set your country/ region, date and time if prompted. After your printer preferences have been setup, set to unpacking your setup ink cartridges. Open the cartridge access door of your printer.  Carefully set them into their respective slots without touching their bronze coloured contacts. After the cartridges have been secured in their slots, close the cartridge access door. Once the genuine HP setup ink cartridges have been installed, open the paper tray door. Slide out the paper width guides and load a stack of paper with ColorLok Technology. Readjust the paper width guides, close the paper tray door and then wait for the alignment page to print Our 123HP Printer Setup Support team will help you get started with your printing tasks. The 123hp support and setup team will help you manoeuvre through the menus on the printer control and help you get acquainted with the functions which each of the buttons on your printer serve.

Assistance and instructions will also be offered with regards to how you can get started with making copies with the in-built copier in your printer and scan your documents and images on the flatbed scanner of your printer.  The scanned documents can be saved either in jpeg or pdf format. Easy step by step instructions will be provided to help you setup the fax functionality on your printer and successfully send faxes with ease from your printer. Once the printer is successfully setup, follow the HP Printer Setup Support expert’s guidelines to use the printer software and drivers installation disc and install the recommended software and drivers. If the installation disc has been damaged or misplaced, the HP Printer Setup Support expert at 123.hp.com/setup will offer you an alternative that would allow you to install the software and drivers without the installation disc. Follow the guidelines to open the software and driver downloads page on your browser. Input your HP printer details and the details regarding the name of the operating system and the version of it which your computer or laptop uses. Submit these details and sit back while the website lines up the list of software and drivers available for your printer. Follow the HP Printer Setup Support expert’s instructions to download the recommended full feature software and drivers for your printer. To install the recommended full feature software and drivers, open the downloaded file and do as the HP Printer Setup Support expert instructs you to. Most HP DESKJET Printers support Wireless. Turn on your wireless router and connect your HP Printer to your wireless network. There are different ways to establish this connection. Firstly, you could opt for a USB network connection. Another method is selecting a wireless connection when prompted during the software installation. The other available method is to opt for a wired network connection. On HP Printers that have a printer control panel, navigate to Setup. Select Wireless Settings and locate the Wireless Setup Wizard. Open the Wireless Setup Wizard and follow the prompts to enter you network name, network password and then finally, successfully setup your HP DESKJET Printer on a wireless network. If your printer is not found during the network setup, convey to our experts the connection type you have utilised to establish the network connection and then our technical support team will help you reestablish communication to your printer. We will help you help you setup and get started with every mobile printing solution supported by your printer. We also offer guided 123hp printer troubleshooting to help you resolve ink cartridge issues, printer alignment troubles, operating system and network connection issues, printer optimization, tune up, print speed issues, print quality issues, paper jams, printer driver update installation, stuck print jobs and defective cartridges.

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